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With more than 10 Years experience, this Mangrove Safari offers a superb tour through the quiet canals of the tropical mangrove forest of Damas Island Sanctuary. This tour is run by an eco-friendly company committed to the preservation of the mangrove ecosystem. 

Mangrove swamps are rich with marine life and havens for water birds such as cormorants, frigate birds, pelicans, herons, and egrets, which feed and nest here by the thousands. Look down into the water to see luxuriant life: oysters and sponges attached to the roots, small stingrays flapping slowly over the bottom, and tiny fish in schools of tens of thousands. Baby black-tipped sharks and other juvenile fish, too, spend much of their early lives among mangrove roots, out of the heavy surf, shielded by the root maze that keeps out large predators.

High tide brings larger diners, big mangrove snappers and young barracudas hang motionless in the water. Raccoons, snakes, and, as everywhere, insects and other arboreal creatures also inhabit the mangroves - and all this in addition to native mammals such as monkeys, sloths! 

Take your tour by sea kayak or boat and marval at the abundant wildlife whilst learning the fansicating story of the five species of mangroves native to Costa Rica’s Shorelines. 


Tour Summary: 

Duration: approx. 4 hours


What’s Included:

• Local Transfers

• Bilingual Guide

• Snacks and refreshments


What to bring:

• High Factor Sunscreen 

• Insect Repellent

• Sunglasses & Hat


Tour Times: 

Dependant on tide - please ask


Price of Tour: $60 day tour / $75 night tour




US: +1 800-521-4947 | Office: +011-506-2777-5018 | Cell +011-506-8876-0136